What is..?

What is SuperFly..?

Shortly before standing in front of a lot of people on Saturday (Central Stations Dundee Pop-up event) I was still concerned that the end of what I was going to (try and..) say was going to ‘over think’ the whole process.. ultimately I think it should be enjoyable.. fun!

However, there’s no doubt that in this second incarnation SuperFly turned into a very different beast and I was curious as to what the observing public, particularly those involved in creative arts, would make of it.

I had approached others in advance to try and get to the bottom of what I thought it was.. most notably Eaon Pritchard, Marketing Agitator and, to my mind a Guerilla Advertising ‘Yoda’.. he said this in his Blog, Never Get Out Of The Boat.

Well, while no one was forthcoming when I put the question to the floor, it became apparent as the evening went on that several people had views on what it was about and a few a strong reservations..

There appears to be a divide of sensibilities.. ‘art’ and commercial ‘art’ and mistrust between the two perhaps.. Again, I don’t want to over think ‘what SuperFly is’ – neither are these issues new, but I AM really interested in the issues that are raised as a consequence.

So, I will be posting a more detailed comment based on the conversations that i’ve had but, if you have a view or a comment please, please, this is the place… post them here!

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  1. eaon says:

    February 8th, 2010 at 5:23 pm (#)

    thanks again for the props, glad it went well.
    I’ve never got the thing from artists about making money cheapening art. everyone has to eat.
    I’ve always been more Warhol than Van Gogh, though.
    I’ve a couple of ideas for you, lets speak on the phone soon.

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