Comp results…

Friday’s SuperFly competition (see below) results..

I couldn’t decide on a clear winner so I picked names from a ‘virtual’ hat and @ryanmacg won the tickets and is watching ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ at the DCA as I write! :)

I must offer a special commendation to @eaonp who not only answered via the prefered method of ‘the blog’ but came up with a cracking ‘vintage’ suggestion of bubblegum transfers.. I don’t know if you have to be of a certain age for that to resonate but if they don’t exists now i’m hoping to bring them back. Especially as one of my ‘tags’ (why do I have these?) is Industrial Bubblegum.

Eaon may well have won with that suggestion but he’s in London and DCA tickets (Dundee) would be useless so he’ll get a complementary Bonehead tee as soon as I get some more printed.

I’ll photoshop some of the ideas for my ‘Starter For 6’ homework and post them here by Wednesday. For now, be entertained with the tweeted versions – and comment to your hearts content!

a HUGE bilboard on top of the law so it can be seen for miles :) @katesjewellery

on the legs of the tay rail bridge :) @katesjewellery

I think a nice collection fly posted over the Kydd building @AbertayUni to make a single big one would be cool :) @ryanmacg

Attached to a fly of course! [ I’m not going to link to that video again, I know it was painful for you to watch ;) ] @rickcurran

or a special range from Brewdog with Superfly posters for labels @ryanmacg

Superfly AR, QR codes around Dundee. Point your smartphone at them and get the poster and artist info? @ryanmacg

Blown up to huge scale and stuck on the front of the Caird Hall & City Square buildings! ;> @pandorasinbox

a music video for a local band using visuals from Superfly artists would be cool @ryanmacg

On a space shuttle! @newvibes

lining the Walls of ‘power’ – election special – artists take on proposed policies (where I’d like to see superfly posters) @htothep

How about posters covering the flumes at the Olympia – inside and out! @rubylovesred

find where googlestreetview are -create massive repos -lay on fields -create international gallery/map -forever evidence! :) @gillianeasson

On top of Mikhail Gorbachev’s birthmark? @iamageek

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