Introducing: SuperFly On The Wall

‘SuperFly On The Wall’ is an attempt to document (in small chunks) events and activities that would be of interest to the SuperFly community. Don’t get too excited.. this is not an exercise in production values.. this is lo-fi of the highest order… the whole thing was filmed and edited in about 5 hours. (One day i’ll list the kit i’m using, just for a laugh)¬†However, on this shoot I didn’t even use lights or a mic so, we’re winging it.. OK!

So first up is ‘Big Top Jamboree’ from last night.. see the previous blog entry for details of the event, but what I will say in addition to that, is how quickly the place filled up! I arrived at just after 7pm to get some shots of the work before the rush but as you’ll see the place was already packed. ¬†A testament to the feedback from the first event no doubt.

So congrat’s to Lauren, Nikki and Jen for another successful event – I imagine they’ll be feeling it this morning – and here’s to the next ‘Jamboree’.. in whatever form it takes..!

At some point I will appoint some space on the site for ‘SuperFly On The Wall’ to live permanently, so keep your eye out. And so, if you have any ideas for future videos, if you would like your event or simply some work you are involved in included here please get in touch: superguy (at)

(Music ‘The Last Sea Bass’ by The Everybody – check them out at

For more info on Lauren, Nikki and Jen visit the Central Station V’s SuperFly exhibition page here.

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