Ice Cream Architecture V’s SuperFly

UPDATED: 22/06/10

Ice Cream Architecture V’s SuperFly¬†Present:

Hidden Lane – SuperFly Standoff
Hidden Lane Festival, Saturday 26 June, 2010 – 12noon – 10pm
Some details remain to be confirmed but this is an updated post from the one issued yesterday – plus we can now reveal the event logo above :D
If you are interested in drawing and/or painting live (bring your own media) on to large format canvas (materials to be confirmed) then please get in touch including samples of your work. You need not necessarily have worked in this format before… it’s intended to be a bit of fun and maybe a friendly competition :)
This event will take place live during the Hidden Lane Festival, this coming saturday (26th June, 2010 – 12pm – 11pm) in Glasgow. You can apply as an individual or as a team. The SuperFly event will take place during these times and you will have approx 4 hours to ‘create’! Details will be finalised over the next couple of days.
So, illustrators, designers, painters, street artists, stencilers, photographers (collage) whatever you want to do.
We don’t have a theme as such but we are looking for recycled/reclaimed materials to use as your canvases so it may be an old car bonnet or a set of wardrobe doors. Most likely you’ll have no idea what you’re going to get until Saturday afternoon.
The artwork will remain property of Ice Cream Architecture/SuperFly and will likely be auctioned off – proceeds to a pre-determined charity.
Apply via the submissions page at
All details are subject to change so please check back for updates.
Oh, and please, please, spread the word :)

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