Hidden Lane Festival – #1

So, as you can see from previous posts SuperFly was at the Hidden Lane Festival in Finneston, Glasgow on Saturday.

We had a rare time.. the weather got better and better as the day went on and at no point did you feel that the day took a dip. Considering I spoke to half a dozen people on my way to the lane (asking for directions) who had never heard of ‘Hidden Lane’ (the irony was NOT lost on me.. (or them… “weil hidden eh?“)), it turned out that there ARE plenty of people who DO know it and what a ‘hidden gem’ it is.

Over 200 people work in the lane divided between more than 70 companies – one of those companies being Vox Populous who pull the festival together. Vox do a great job and if the people I spoke to and the messages on Twitter are any kind of a guide then they’ll be under pressure to repeat this event more than just once a year.

The festival is a kind of ‘open day’ for the lane with lots of those Hidden Lane businesses (and other invited guests) come out with their stalls of goodies and we’ll cover a few of those over the coming days. But in addition to the stalls you also get food, drink, entertainment, live music and poetry and plenty, plenty banter.

The image above is of the ChouChou Courture (http://www.chouchoucouture.com/) catwalk show which was a centre piece of the day but to be fair their were many highlights and i’ll share a few personal ones here. I’ll also be adding a ‘(Super)Fly on the Wall Mini-doc’ very soon, to show, if nothing else, how good the sun was to us as the day went on. For some reason i’d forgotten to use the camera by then.

Anyway, great times were had – it was a great opportunity to catch up with folk ad meet new buddies – and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that people love sand pits. Obviously the kids were in there but plenty of the big folk had a shot too. So, next year, forget the live art, i’m just putting on a very, very big sandpit!

Thank you’s must go out to the following and many will be expanded on over the following few days Twitters tags and web adddresses where possible.:

Sarah, Des and Graeme from @icecreamarchetecture
Alex from @voxpopulus (http://www.voxpopulus.co.uk) and @hiddenlanefest
Duncan from Make @i_am_duncan (http://makesomethingfor.me.uk/)

Check back soon for more Hidden Lane goodies!

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