SuperDoodle #1

Welcome to the first ‘SuperDoodle’ challenge – this time out it’s ‘Dingbat’ flavour! :)

Superfly, in a collaboration with Dundee’s ‘Tartan Baffies’ (aka John Paterson), are laying down the gauntlet for you to do something creative with your favourite ‘Dingbat’.
As ever, this is open to anyone and everyone – and EVERYONE can doodle – so even if this isn’t your full-time (pre)occupation just open up dingbats and let your mind run wild.

There are two simple rules:
(1) the final image must include a dingbat and
(2) there must be an element of your own hand (carbon, inky or digital).

The best will be reproduced on a SuperFly set of 1 inch (25mm) button badges (so bear that in mind).
(We may also produce on a special edition tshirts, fit for only the most ‘SuperFly’ people around! ;) )

We’re planning an exhibition of the ‘SuperDoodles’ to coincide with SuperFly’s 1st anniversary in October but more on that in due course.

So, think you’re up for the challenge?
Then head over to our ‘Dingbat Doodle‘ page for info on the ‘legal’, artwork specs and how to submit all your wonderful doodles. Tartan Baffies and SuperGuy have both come up with there own dingbat doodles to give you the general idea but we’re sure that you can do sooo much better…

Submission due date
Get your SuperDoodles to us no later than Thursday 30th September – 4 weeks from today!

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