SuperDoodle – closing soon!

So, SuperDoodle #1 closes in just over 2 hours! (7/10/10 23:58 GMT)

But even that is no excuse.. that’s an entire movie – you could do a dozen doodles in that time ;)

But, in true SuperFly fashion we’re throwing in a wild card… read on!
If you’ve already submitted an entry, or you manage to get an entry in before the deadline above then you are eligible to submit another entry before 23:58 on Sunday 10th October! :D

So, even more reason to get scribbling NOW (!) and getting even more creative over the weekend!

And then that really is it :P

BTW – incase you haven’t spotted it we have a ‘fresh’ new link to the Facebook page – just to your right.. go and view the SuperDoodle gallery!

October 7th, 2010  |  Published in Uncategorized

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