NEoN Knights goes WILD!

The final deadline for NEoN Knights is 7pm today (Friday 12 Nov)

To freshen things up (you’ll notice w have a very interesting leaderboard just now..) there will be some ‘wild card’ QRs introduced into the game this afternoon. There are 10 new QRs although there are 2 copies of each around the Festival campus (and maybe routes in between).

NOW – the important thing is that while you can gain points with these QRs there are a small number of QRs which will take points away.. sneaky eh..? Well, that’s life. So beware. You won’t possibly be able to tell before you snap them but if you are sneaky enough you might catch the reaction of someone else who does! ;)

It’s down to you now.. and as ever.. NEoN Knights – ENDURE!

PS – This is also a goo opportunity to leave comments about how you liked the game and if you’d like to see us at NEoN again or anywhere else for that matter.. comments here! :)

November 12th, 2010  |  Published in Uncategorized

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