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XBox360 is handed over to the NEoN Knights 2010 winner

So The NEoN Knights QR Hunt really warmed up as we got into Thursday morning. shaun60000 had been out periodically between 5 and 11.30pm on Wednesday evening collecting all of the poster site QRs and the likes of thedirtbox and edwardshallow looked like they might be significant competitors.

However, by 5.30pm on Thursday we had a new contended in the form of minimatt who was level pegging with shaun60000 and the others were falling behind.

Controversially edwardshallow tweeted at 5pm on thursday: #NEoNKnights Any fellow NEonKnights willing to help me win the XBox? It’d used for public gaming nights in Dundee’s first gaming café!

edwardshallow amongst the Akinori Oishi exhibition

He was trapped in Glasgow watching the leader board leave him further and further behind but he wasn’t done yet! He did battle with Scottish public transport to get back to Dundee while he had some catching up to do he got on with completing his quest!

The top spot would change fairly regularly during the course of Friday morning once the big earner on the NEoN Knights video was released, but by midday on most of the remaining 15 players had all but given up with several big leaps forward but nothing to challenge the 3 main players.

For those three the posters had be scanned, the flyer had been scanned and the tshirt had been scanned and they now all had scanned the code (an all important 500 points) at the end of the video.

It was at this stage the wildcards were introduced into play.

edwardshallow next to the huge ‘NEoN’ foam letters

10 new codes, all with varying value between 25 and 150 points but more importantly 2 of them had minus points!

minimatt and shaun60000 watched each others game play carefully to try and ascertain which of the 10 were negatives. Through this method they both managed to scan 8 codes without being caught out and decided to play safe. Amazing edwardshallow while working alone, also managed to avoid the negapointers!!!

At 4.30 on Friday afternoon, as the final hour of NEoN kicked off with the ‘Industry Panel’ the Three Overlords of the NEoN Knights tournament (SuperFly, Tim Pryde and Rick Curran) knew what needed to be done.

We had reserved a further 10 QR codes for a stand off between the 3 leaders which would take place at the private view of Akinori Oishi’s exhibition at the Hannah McClure Gallery where we were due to present the winner with an XBox360.

Clearly content with sitting equal 3rd at the top of the leaderboard minimatt was a no show. We quickly modified the NEoN Knights system to accommodate 2 players and while they were escorted from the room we planted the codes. Some were on the person of guests at the exhibition – some were hidden around the gallery, behind the bar and on the veranda.

All 10 codes had been printed twice but were only good for one scan. Of course the other player wouldn’t know they were ‘dead’ until they received a message telling them so. Also, just to mix things up, we included two negapointers.

It was 7.30pm, the stage was set, the guests were briefed (to help or hinder as much as they liked..) and the players were set lose into the arena.

Very soon the guests were choosing their favourites and and helping and hindering based on their preference. ‘edwardshallow’ was leaping around the place like a lobotomised Bambi while shaun60000 stealth-like, seemed to disappear into the crowd routing out codes.

7 or 8 mins later and it was all over and neither had a clue how they had done. :)

It would seem that, given his score, shaun60000 managed to find both negapointers as he only managed to increase his original high score by 100 points.

But with a 400 point lead it was edwardshallow who was named the victor of NEoN Knights 2010; and as the XBox was thrust into his hand, true to his word, he announced that the XBox would be donated to the Gaming Cafe that he’s setting up in Dundee.

edward and Shaun were such amazing contributors to the project that we can’t thank them enough, and it was fantastic to see so many people engaging with them during the final stage of their quest!

So, congratulations to edwardshallow (@edwardshallow) NEoN Knights winner 2010 final score: 3930 points.

Also to shaun60000 (@shaun1two) for being a fantastic runner-up and a catalyst for inspiring several other players to join the game so early on.. (and for the loan of his video camera on which I captured the final frantic event).

edwardshallow and his XBox

Congratulations also to minimatt – sorry you couldn’t be there on the night – but if you are able to turn up to Hannah McClure Gallery there is a runner up prize waiting for you – but you’ll need to be able to prove you are minimatt so contact me first!

Finally I must thank our sponsors:

Hannah Maclure for supplying us with such a fantastic arena and sponsoring the XBox.

NEoN10 for sponsoring the poster space and posters

Tayprint for sponsoring the Tshirts

Blonde Digital (Edinburgh) for sponsoring the software.

I must also personally thank Tim Pryde and Rick Curran (WideOpenSpace, Dundee) for not saying “no” to my insane requests and being as enthusiastic for this project as I was. It’s so much more interesting and fun when you collaborate on projects such as this and they shared the load beyond the call of duty. :)

Huge thanks to Deryck Wallace (The Cooker) for taking the photo’s in this post while I was busy ;)

If you have any comments or queries regarding the project then this is the ideal forum but by all means contact us via email or the submission form. If you would like to see NEoN Knights at NEoN11 or see the game (or something like it) happen elsewhere then please contact SuperFly, again, via the submission page.

Beyond all else, good day, good night and remember – NEoN Knights ENDURE!

For a blow-by-blow account of the action through the perspective of Twitter visit Tim’s blog

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