The Good, The Bad and the QR Code

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It’s always a challenge…

Beautiful sunshine today while I’m in writing… and why..? Well, because we used up all the rain yesterday when I was outside!

Yesterday was SuperFly Space Hop…

‘Space Hop’ was all about taking the basics of NEoN Knights’ QR hunt and putting it into an digital or eTourism setting.

View SuperFly Space Hoppers – St Andrews in a larger map

The QRs were located at local ‘tourist-y’ business and sight seeing locations such as the local theatre or ice cream parlour. As the whole event ‘hangs’ on a special Google map I also tagged locations on the map (which would have been more difficult to hide QR codes) with video and images relevant to the area or integral to tasks that the teams were to complete.

I won’t comment just yet on the quality of the game (that’s not really for me to say, check the comments…), but the weather definitely dampened spirits to a degree.

I have learned a great deal from the experience and would be interested in another shot at it. Maybe something for a high school challenge…

For more details you should visit my other blog ‘MysteryBoxes


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