We got a live one..!

As of Midnight on Wednesday 10 November ‘shaun60000’ (@shaun1two) is way ahead on the NEoN Knights leader board due to an evening dedicated to QR hunting!

For his outstanding achievement he’ll be rewarded with a NEoN Knights Tshirt at NEoN10 on Thursday.

But it’s still an open competition. As of thursday competing Knights of the NEoN Order will be treated to random QRs of varying media. You may have seen our QR shirts but keep your eyes peeled for much more..!

So, no need to give up yet – and remember that you can now access the leader board via the badge on the right of the screen.

Look out for us throughout Thursday and Friday and get collecting those QRs! Knights of NEoN – Endure!

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The Knights who say ‘NEoN’!

Ok, so we’ve been active for 24 hours.. and now the sun that was booked for Monday, but failed to show, has finally arrived so get out and find those QRs!

Of course we don’t expect you to be totally in the dark so you can access the Google map – image above – and complete your Crusade in plenty of time for the Friday deadline..!

Also be aware of tshirts and presentations throughout NEoN and other areas in the city that will help boost your points above your competitors.

Knights of NEoN – Endure!

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Let The Wild Rumpus start..!

NEoN Knights took a bit of a hit yesterday.. tight deadlines and round the clock working take their toll… and a distinct lack of attention by a certain (and ordinarily) SuperGuy, meant that we had to postpone game play.. until.. NOW!

NEoN Knights is now live and ready for your interaction.

There are 15 posters around the city – and most of them are up  (and the map is here) – a few more will be added today – but you can did in and out of the game throughout the week – the aim being to have the highest score at 2pm on Friday – the award ceremony being sometime during Friday evening.

I think that’s as much as you need to know for now – if you have any queries or problems with the gameplay please email: neonknights [at] superfly [dot] org [dot] uk

By the Order of NEoN – Endure!

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The prophecy was true..!

UPDATE: Ooops… NEoN Knights is, after all, an experiment… and due to human error (this particular human) the game is offline until 9am tomorrow.. maybe a little bit sooner.. so keep checking here or on Twitter. Sorry folks! See you tomorrow. :)

Yep, NEoN Knights starts today.. technically you may need to bare with us a short while longer but posters are out, map is almost ready to be published online and the games WILL begin this afternoon.

Keep your eye here on the ‘Blog’ and on the ‘Events’ section of the site where you’ll find the dedicated NEoN Knights page.

Remember that there’s an XBox 360 up for grabs at the end of the week so nab as many of those pesky QR codes as you can..! You can also expect to find a variety of URLs and limited special offers attached to the QR Codes to use around the City.. kind of like an online ‘Spree book’.

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Finally, SuperFly can announce the next project..

It’s a QR quest that will happen in conjunction with the NEoN Digital Arts Festival (8-14 November 2010) in Dundee. It’s a collaboration between SuperFly, Tim Pryde (Product Design Under-grad, Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee) and Rick Curran of [wideopenspace].

There will be opportunity for anyone in Dundee (wielding a QRreading Smartphone) to immerse themselves in the realm of NEoN Knights – BUT – for folk attending the NEoN festival there will be several wildcard QR codes to collect.. and these could make all the difference. After all, there’s an XBox 360 at stake for the highest score.

UPDATE: If you have already tried to access the game through a flyer then remember that the game is not live, and you can’t access the map until 12noon on Monday 8 November. Thanx :)

So, find out more on our mini-site: events> NEoN Knights 2010
or click here!

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SuperDoodle – closing soon!

So, SuperDoodle #1 closes in just over 2 hours! (7/10/10 23:58 GMT)

But even that is no excuse.. that’s an entire movie – you could do a dozen doodles in that time ;)

But, in true SuperFly fashion we’re throwing in a wild card… read on!
If you’ve already submitted an entry, or you manage to get an entry in before the deadline above then you are eligible to submit another entry before 23:58 on Sunday 10th October! :D

So, even more reason to get scribbling NOW (!) and getting even more creative over the weekend!

And then that really is it :P

BTW – incase you haven’t spotted it we have a ‘fresh’ new link to the Facebook page – just to your right.. go and view the SuperDoodle gallery!

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Creative combat with Ammo magazine..!

SuperFly has been a fan of Ammo since the first issue, back at the end of 2009. I found it in the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh while delivering SuperFly flyers to promote the first show. It felt like ‘SuperFly in a book’ and I immediately got in touch with it’s publisher, Dave Hughes, to tell him what a great job it was.

Apparently the A6 landscape format was as much a financial decision as it was aesthetic but it instantly caught my imagination and I had to buy a copy to read on the train home. About a year later and Dave has now published Issue 4  – available through the website: www.ammomagazine.co.uk – and, if you’re new to Ammo, you can also catch up on previous issues for a bargain price.

If you’ve never seen Ammo it’s a smartly curated collection of illustration and artist interviews and an object of beauty in it’s own right. Just after the launch of ‘Issue 3’ I asked Dave to comment on his work and the process of publishing Ammo…

Who are you and what do you do ?

Most of the time I work as a freelance designer & illustrator. More often than not I’m designing rather than illustrating although hopefully one day my workload may be more evenly balanced between the two. My day to day work is quite varied and ranges from very corporate work like brochures to quite arty work including conceptual pieces. I enjoy the variety of work but am not so keen on the random and inevitable late payments…

Ammo Magazine is really a hobby taken to the next level. My illustration work has always taken a back seat to my design work and I think Ammo is the result of my inner illustrator trying to escape. The magazine does take up a lot of my time especially in terms of emails that need to be answered. It’s a constant influx of questions, submissions & other Ammo related things.



Who do you think Ammo is for and what prompted you to ‘get it done’?

I guess Ammo’s for anyone with an interest in contemporary illustration or independent magazines in general. I’d played around with various limited edition personal projects including zines and felt it was time to do something a bit bigger. Ammo Magazine was the result.

My wife Christine offered me lots of encouragement and without her support I may not have been brave enough to take the risk? Spending a large amount of my limited cash on something that could have easily failed wasn’t something I would have been confident enough to do without her.



As you approach the end of your first year as an independent publisher what has surprised you about the process and do you have any advice for prospective publishers or entrepreneurs in general?

The biggest surprise has been the support we’ve received from the creative community. People have really helped us out a lot by mentioning Ammo on various blogs,websites, twitter etc. For a small publication like Ammo this kind ofsupport is priceless and really helps us to get noticed by more people.

Advice-wise I’d be sure to mention that publishing your own magazine isn’t a get rich option. Printing is expensive, there’s no guarantee people will buy your mag & the margins for a short run printed publication are quite low. It’s also very, very time consuming. You need to be someone who is willing to spend late nights working not for financial gain but simply because you’re doing something you really enjoy.

However if you’ve got a good idea for a publication, are willing towork hard & take a risk then I’d say go for it! The satisfaction of producing your own magazine is very rewarding and definitely worthwhile. You’ll also make a lot of interesting like-minded friends along the way and you can never have too many friends.

Thanks to Dave at Ammo and don’t forget to check out the current issue (illustrated here) and all the previous editions too :)

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N_ilk, Jamboree, Esperi and Competition!

This weekend, Dundee Botanic Gardens, you’ll find a bit more than the usual flora and fauna…

So, to celebrate Saturday’s events I’ve decided to have a little competition – simply leave a comment here or anywhere on the SuperFly site between now and Friday (10 September by 5pm) and you’ll get your name dropped into a hat to win an Esperi e.p. on CD – winners will be announced after 5.00pm Friday.

Naeilk (Tickets: http://bit.ly/cnLaWJ)
So what’s it all about?
‘Naeilk’ or ‘n_ilk’ stands for ‘no ilk’, no formula or genre, – ‘anything goes’ – the aim is to showcase a variety of local talent, provide a forum for discussion and a network hub. This is the second year for N_ilk at the Botanics and looks to be an amazing mix of art and music from 3.30pm to 10.30pm – Tickets £6 (+booking fee) from Groucho’s or Dundee Uni (link above).

Dundee Jamboree (http://dundee-jamboree.blogspot.com/)
SuperFly collaborators Nikki McWilliams, Jen Collins and Lauren Gentry will also be bringing there own flavour of home crafted artwork to the N_ilks micro festival in the form of ‘Dundee Jamboree’. It’s an opportunity for artists from far and wide to exhibit, showcase and sell their work in a cosy atmosphere reminiscent of the spirit of the Great Exhibition of 1851.

You can learn a bit more about Dundee Jamboree in the inaugural (Super)FlyOnTheWall mini-doc – here. Interestingly you’ll hear Nikki talk about the Big Top Jamboree which took place in May and how they’re going to take it easy until about Christmas time.. well, the Botanics is at least the second show since then and Nikki (http://nikkimcwilliams.blogspot.com/) opens her first solo exhibition in Edinburgh tomorrow (Tuesday 7 September) so clearly no-one has been taking it easy in the Jamboree quarters! ;)

Esperi (http://www.myspace.com/esperi)
Finally, a great find from Dundee’s Guerilla Gallery (itself a brilliant mash-up of creative visuals and music) earlier in the year was ‘Esperi’ – i’d never seen him perform before but I was mesmerised from start to finish and can’t recommend enough that you check him out at the Botanics on Saturday.
Once again he’ll be teaming with VJ Retchy and for footage of previous collaborations you really should visit Retchy’s site. (http://www.retchy.com/)

And don’t forget that you can be in with a chance to win a copy of Esperi’s current e.p. by leaving a comment somewhere on the SuperFly site.

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SuperDoodle #1

Welcome to the first ‘SuperDoodle’ challenge – this time out it’s ‘Dingbat’ flavour! :)

Superfly, in a collaboration with Dundee’s ‘Tartan Baffies’ (aka John Paterson), are laying down the gauntlet for you to do something creative with your favourite ‘Dingbat’.
As ever, this is open to anyone and everyone – and EVERYONE can doodle – so even if this isn’t your full-time (pre)occupation just open up dingbats and let your mind run wild.

There are two simple rules:
(1) the final image must include a dingbat and
(2) there must be an element of your own hand (carbon, inky or digital).

The best will be reproduced on a SuperFly set of 1 inch (25mm) button badges (so bear that in mind).
(We may also produce on a special edition tshirts, fit for only the most ‘SuperFly’ people around! ;) )

We’re planning an exhibition of the ‘SuperDoodles’ to coincide with SuperFly’s 1st anniversary in October but more on that in due course.

So, think you’re up for the challenge?
Then head over to our ‘Dingbat Doodle‘ page for info on the ‘legal’, artwork specs and how to submit all your wonderful doodles. Tartan Baffies and SuperGuy have both come up with there own dingbat doodles to give you the general idea but we’re sure that you can do sooo much better…

Submission due date
Get your SuperDoodles to us no later than Thursday 30th September – 4 weeks from today!

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Hidden Lane Festival – #1

So, as you can see from previous posts SuperFly was at the Hidden Lane Festival in Finneston, Glasgow on Saturday.

We had a rare time.. the weather got better and better as the day went on and at no point did you feel that the day took a dip. Considering I spoke to half a dozen people on my way to the lane (asking for directions) who had never heard of ‘Hidden Lane’ (the irony was NOT lost on me.. (or them… “weil hidden eh?“)), it turned out that there ARE plenty of people who DO know it and what a ‘hidden gem’ it is.

Over 200 people work in the lane divided between more than 70 companies – one of those companies being Vox Populous who pull the festival together. Vox do a great job and if the people I spoke to and the messages on Twitter are any kind of a guide then they’ll be under pressure to repeat this event more than just once a year.

The festival is a kind of ‘open day’ for the lane with lots of those Hidden Lane businesses (and other invited guests) come out with their stalls of goodies and we’ll cover a few of those over the coming days. But in addition to the stalls you also get food, drink, entertainment, live music and poetry and plenty, plenty banter.

The image above is of the ChouChou Courture (http://www.chouchoucouture.com/) catwalk show which was a centre piece of the day but to be fair their were many highlights and i’ll share a few personal ones here. I’ll also be adding a ‘(Super)Fly on the Wall Mini-doc’ very soon, to show, if nothing else, how good the sun was to us as the day went on. For some reason i’d forgotten to use the camera by then.

Anyway, great times were had – it was a great opportunity to catch up with folk ad meet new buddies – and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that people love sand pits. Obviously the kids were in there but plenty of the big folk had a shot too. So, next year, forget the live art, i’m just putting on a very, very big sandpit!

Thank you’s must go out to the following and many will be expanded on over the following few days Twitters tags and web adddresses where possible.:

Sarah, Des and Graeme from @icecreamarchetecture
Alex from @voxpopulus (http://www.voxpopulus.co.uk) and @hiddenlanefest
Duncan from Make @i_am_duncan (http://makesomethingfor.me.uk/)

Check back soon for more Hidden Lane goodies!

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