Welcome to the ‘Events’ section where you can find out more about the Superfly¬†past, present and future!

SuperFly conceive and manage creative and engaging events, with two key aims:

1. To provide a platform for creatives (which is free from submission fees)

2. To present their work in spaces not usually associated with exhibitions

In the past SuperFly has used (legally managed) fly posting sites as exhibition spaces, held a mini-exhibition on 1inch badges, collaborated on ‘live-art’ drawing installation at the Hidden Lane festival in Glasgow and a city wide QR treasure hunt for the NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Dundee.

In March 2011 SuperFly is co-ordinating a QR scavenger hunt around the campus of Abertay University and Dundee College for the ‘Game to Learn: Take 2’ conference organised by ‘Consolarium’ (Learning and Teaching Scotland).

What can SuperFly do for you? You could browse our events page to see what we’ve been up to in more detail – for specifics it would be best to drop us a message using the contact form – but here are a few examples for you to consider – we can:

  • organise an advertising campaign as an event in it’s own right, creating a buzz (and audience) for your main event…
  • create mini-events within events to e.g. entertain your guests during conference down times using exhibitions, treasure/scavenger hunts, competitions and games incorporating art, music, performance, etc…
  • collaborate with you to create bespoke, engaging and valuable events to enhance your product/event/service

Remember, we are happy to operate and create within the scale or confines of your room, building, city or postcode.. no space is too big or small… so get in touch! :)