Exhibition 2009

Artists and their work…

I’m calling SuperFly a success – if only because the posters hit the walls and stayed there for more than a month… but neither can I ignore the comments in person, in emails, in blogs, in magazines, etc… and to hear that there are those who have sought out at least one of each poster (each artist had 4 posted) and then later to hear that some folk had seen them, not knowing what they were or why they were there, but had enjoyed them anyway.

So, SuperFly is a success because, first and foremost, at least hundreds of folks have enjoyed it and hundreds more keep visiting this site :)

On 15 November, 2009, SuperFly’09 came to an official end when 5 of the final 7 posters were exhibited as part of ‘NEoN Public’ – the exhibition wing of Dundee’s first even Digital Arts Festival. Sharing a hall with, not only giants in the Gaming Industry, but also artwork by Pixar’s Bud Luckey, designer of Toy Story’s ‘Woody’ and he also did just about everything on the animate short ‘Boundin”!

But while SuperFly’09 has been winding down, behind the scenes the the work goes on.., meetings have been had, discussions are anticipated, ideas are being hatched… SuperFly intends on coming back bigger, and smaller in some cases, but always better…

But here, lest ye forget, is the full story of the first… SuperFly’09. This is the artists opportunity to let you know more about them and what they are up to… where you can find them and in some cases, follow…

Thanks must go to them, and everyone who entered their work; for sticking their necks out, submitting to an unknown project and making SuperFly look ‘amaaazing’ and a serious contender for future years. Here’s to the Artists of SuperFly’09!

Sarah Morris


Well I would definitely say that I am an artist and a gamer at heart, I picked up my first pencil before I even started crawling and a console controller shortly after and I’ve never looked back. I graduated form the computer arts course at Abertay were I specialised in 2d artwork and animation. In my spare time there is nothing I love more than working on my next painting. Since leaving uni I have been working on a few small projects like Next Level Dundee an a few small 2D games projects that have just started, so aiming to complete them within the next few months.


Blog: http://artysmorris.wordpress.com/

SuperFly post: http://artysmorris.wordpress.com/2009/09/28/superfly-exhibit/

Johanna Basford

6sf09-punk peacock-sml

Tumble down the rabbit hole and find yourself in my inky black and white Wonderland…
I’m a creative catch-all; a designer / illustrator / printer on a mission to cover the world with my hand drawn patterns and motifs. I’m not a Vector Technician, but one of the dwindling number of creatives who still likes to put pen to paper.
My work is underpinned by a love for the ornate, a ‘paint not pixels’ approach and my Free-Range upbringing on a rural Scottish Fish Farm.
I like raspberry jam, Alice in Wonderland, sweet peas and Lady Grey tea. I undertake commissions big and small, commercial and private, so drop me a line if you fancy some inky goodness in your life.

drawing jo

Johanna’s SuperFly blog entry: http://www.johannabasford.com/blog-article/163

Steven Bonner


I live and work in Stirling as a creative director by day, and an illustrator by night although the two frequently overlap. I tend to work heavily based in type and my approach to illustration is very graphic, using stark shapes and letterforms to produce my images and past work has been done for people like YouWorkForThem, howies, Coca-Cola, IS®, and Hause of Howe.
I am also a member of the Black Rock Collective, an international design group who collaborate once in a while on products like card decks, postcard books and prints, and we recently held our first group exhibition in Chicago.




ayako* is the creative collective of Stuart Kirk and Chris Di Placito
They practice the professional craft of graphic design.  Armed with their passionate belief in visual stimulation and innovative solutions, they hold oath to their utopian visions of grandeur.
Inspired by the East, comic books and all things red black and white, ayako* aim to create creative things…creatively.


Chris and Stuart would like to invite you all to the magical land of ayako at:
ayako* SuperFly blog entry: http://www.ayakographics.blogspot.com/
You can also follow their creative adventures on twitter at @chrisayako and @stuartayako

Alex Boyd


‘Sonnets from Scotland’ is a photographic journey throughout the landscapes of Scotland, showing recognisable locations such as Skye and Glencoe re-interpreted.
The series attempts to question the depiction of Scottish landscapes and our relationships to them, by introducing a human element into these images. Boyd presents Scotland reduced to a series of cinematic set pieces, questioning a traditional collective Scottish longing for an idealised picturesque representation of the landscape.
In depicting these romanticised setting with the addition of a lone figure, Boyd’s work recalls that of Anselm Kiefer’s ‘Besetzungen’ series which sought to question nationalist impulses, and the 19th century paintings of Casper David Friedrich which sought to promote them. The exhibition is also influenced by Scottish photographers such as Hamish McMillan Brown, who depicted Scotland in the style of the sublime using nature to create vast dramatic spaces often dominated by natural features, reflecting century attitudes to wilderness.
‘Sonnets from Scotland’ draws its name from an early collection of the Scots Makar (poet laureate) Edwin Morgan’s poems, someone who has had a great influence on Boyd’s work.
The exhibition will also include a recent shot taken from Anthony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth in London, to be auctioned for Yorkhill Children’s Hospice.

“His landscapes are vast, beautiful and thought provoking – they reveal a photographer of great talent”
Mike Garson, Composer
“Stunning, and very compelling”
Harry Benson (on Sonnets from Scotland)



Catherine Mylles


I graduated this year from Moray School of Art with an honours degree in Fine Art. My work is mainly concerned with abandoned homes. The mere existence of these suggests something has gone wrong. The histories and emotions of the previous occupants are left behind in the discarded objects and furnishings, creating a strange domestic atmosphere. My work is a fragile attempt at mending the dereliction and decay and giving the building and objects a new life and purpose.


More examples of my work can be seen at: www.catherinemylles.carbonmade.com

Lauren Gentry


‘Lauren Gentry is pleasantly surprised to find there might be a future in this drawing malarkey. Doodling her way though her third year of illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone, she describes her works as “dainty delicate drawings created though an obsessive attention to detail”. Her blog, birds on the wire (link : www.laurengentry.blogspot.com) , showcases the wide variety of mediums she plays with. Experimenting and exploring with knitting, sewing and textiles in a bid to create her own contemporary illustration.’
Having spent the past few months gaining experience as a designer for a glassworks company in the middle east and currently working on private commissions, she is keen to branch into the real world while continuing her studies.

doodle strip copy

You can see Lauren’s SuperFly blog entry at: http://laurengentry.blogspot.com/2009/10/found-superfly.html

SuperFly ’09 Thank You’s

Thanks to all the artists and everyone who has supported this inaugural effort :)

Who knows what will happen now, but please continue to spread the word, get in touch (SuperFly on the Wall) – point people in this direction…
…who knows where we might turn up next!

twitter: @onthesuperfly
email: superguy@superfly.org.uk

Other Stuff

The Drum
Special thanks to the Drum in Glasgow. They did a full page on us in June before we had any entries and were a relative ’embryo’ of an idea. Obviously they spotted the ‘super’ potential and have been best buddies ever since! Here’s the web version of the mag article and a more recent article on the exhibition itself:


Creative Review
SuperFly managed to court the interest of the ‘super’ creative types at Creative Review. They had our call for entries in their Blog’s ‘Monitor’ section and then did a splendid Blog entry where the show went live! Thanks dudes :)


STV (Tayside)
On the exhibition launch day, 28 September 2009, SuperFly was the ‘And finally…’ story on STV’s Tayside local news bulletin.  Fortunately the SuperGuy was only on screen for 10seconds or so and the primary focus of the VT was the first ever SuperFly poster being applied to a tower on Dundee’s Perth Road. The image below is of SuperFly artist Sarah Morris being interviewed although they cropped her from the broadcast :(


And finally…

Our supporters

Every last one of the logos below represent time or money spent in the service of propping up this exhibition. Not a penny has been spent, everything has been given for free and so as organiser I can’t thank you enough. This has been a fantastic project that has attracted attention, not only in Dundee, as was expected, but across Scotland, the UK and into Europe!

If you do have the opportunity to use the services of any of the good folk below please tell them SuperFly sent you and, though we don’t expect another freebie event, perhaps we’ll have a chance of getting a good deal on their services next year :)