Exhibitions 2010

Central Station are coming to Dundee..!

Central Station is creative social network for people interested in art, film and design.. and they’ve chosen to visit Dundee for a day, visiting all things creative in this fair city.

The Dundee ‘Pop-up’happens on 6th Feb 2010 and they’ve entrusted SuperFly with looking after Street poster duties… plus a few SuperFly custom A3 posters dotted around the venues that’ll be visited. Check out the Google map for poster site locations and pix too!

View Central Station V’s SuperFly – Jan/Feb 2010 in a larger map

To find out more about the day you find links at the bottom of this page – if you still need to sign up for the day then do so quickly as each of the visits are on a first come first serve basis..

You can sign up for a chat with SuperFly too! Central Station – SuperFly info

There’s a mini-exhibition of posters and pics from the October 2009 and Jan/Feb 2010 SuperFly events and the SuperGuy will be talking about how SuperFly started and where it’s going!

The the blog this week has been devoted to profiling the artists, one each day, but they will be added to this page at the end of the week as a permanent record of the event.

The focus this time around for SuperFly was to find 3 or 4 local designers to showcase Dundee talent.. as it was we just ‘had’ to include all five who responded to the call! 
The artists for this show are (l-r): Lindsey Gardiner, Nikki McWilliams, Lauren Gentry (who has also sneaked in from the last SuperFly show!), hellojenuine (aka Jen Collins), and tartanbaffies (aka John Patterson). The great thing about doing a Dundee-bassed artist show was that we all got to meet up (on a very cold lunchtime) get a few photies; then get a well earned cuppa and a chat…

So, here’s what you really came for… enjoy the posters and the profiles as they arrive and please, please, please leave your comments.. how else are we going to know what hot and what’s not about SuperFly?

SuperGuy – January 2010

hellojenuine - Jen Collins - good times

tartanbaffies - robot attack - john patterson

angry girl - lindsey gardiner

little house - lauren gentry

Central Station – Pop-up info

Form Fity Five – SuperFly spotlight

Eaon Pritchard – The ‘agitator’ himself talk’s SuperFly

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