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“There are a number of definitions for the word, “game”, but you’ll struggle to find any connected with learning and education. After all, games are fun and the business of learning is something entirely more serious… students study and the years spent in school, college and university should be challenging (at times), character-building (hopefully) and ultimately rewarding (hopefully)

… but fun?

No, I don’t think so.”

Game To Learn Website

Consolarium, led by Derek Robertson of Learning and Teaching Scotland, has been challenging this perception of learning in the classroom, with Games Based Learning (GBL), for over 5 years now. Game To Learn, run by Consolarium in partership with JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland North & East is part learning exercise, but it would seem, part celebration of what has been acheived during that time. At the conference, teachers from across Scotland will be sharing their classroom experiences and the developments within GBL with other teachers and students, and anyone who’s interested.

Which is where SuperFly fits in!

At the NEoN Festival, November 2010, SuperFly presented a NEoN Knights, a QR code treasure hunt using many forms of print  and digital media to create an immersive player environment. At Game to Learn, SuperFly set out to repeat the NEoN success with more ‘QReativity‘ – another celebration of QR codes with a mini exhibition of designer created QR codes, but also another QR game…

SuperFly Safari!
In NEoN Knights the aim was to find QRs that were mounted on commercial poster spaces around the city, the campus and then within an Art Gallery. On SuperFly Safari the hunt is on for ‘human beings‘! (and this being a conference for teachers that could be a challenge! (Ouch!))

So, more will be explained as we get closer to Game To Learn, but for now, get downloading and practicing with QR Reader software for your phone (I suggest you Google ‘QR Reader’ along with your phone’s make and model but you may find software already installed).

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More soon..!