SuperDoodle #1

Welcome to SuperDoodle #1

Do you wanna take part in our Superfly ‘Dingbats Doodle’ challenge?

Superfly, in a collaboration with Dundee’s Tartan Baffies (aka John Paterson), are laying down the gauntlet for you to do something creative with your favourite Dingbat. As ever, this is open to anyone and everyone – and EVERYONE can doodle (you’ve no excuse..) – so even if this isn’t your full-time (pre)occupation just open up dingbats and let your mind run wild. SuperDoodle, and SuperFly in general, is intended to be a ‘family friendly’ project so please consider that when sending in your doodles. This is also the first (of many..?) SuperFly projects that will use our Facebook page as the primary hub of activity – the link (via a badge) is throughout the SuperFly site.

There are two simple rules: (1) the final image must include a single dingbat (see here if you don’t know what that is..) and (2) there must be a hand drawn element (carbon, inky or digital).

A selection of SuperDoodles will be reproduced as a set of 1 inch (25mm) button badges which will be made available to buy through the SuperFly site. (We may also produce on a special edition tshirts, fit for only the most ‘SuperFly’ people around! ;) )

We’re planning an exhibition of ‘all’ the ‘SuperDoodles’ to coincide with SuperFly’s 1st anniversary in October but more on that in due course.

To help you out we’ve produced a PDF with several pages full of Dingbats (with plenty of space around each character) for you to print out and scribble on or open in photoshop and ‘doodle’ digitally.. either way, use it as a starting point or scan/save what you end up with and send them in. Remember, only one dingbat per doodle… the PDF is available here –

Artwork specifications:
Send your artwork as a jpeg via the submissions page here
Please fill out all the fields – even if you’ve submitted to other events in the past
Label your file as ‘sd1-yourname.jpeg’
It should be at least 6cm x 6cm at 300dpi
Please look after your artwork as we may get back to you for a higher resolution copy.

Closing Date
Please submit your entries no later than 23.58 on Thursday 7th October 2010. Thank you.

If you’ve any queries either email us or use twitter :)            @onthesuperfly

download the
dingbat sheet pdf