SuperDoodle #1

Welcome to the first ‘SuperDoodle’ challenge – this time out it’s ‘Dingbat’ flavour! :)

Superfly, in a collaboration with Dundee’s ‘Tartan Baffies’ (aka John Paterson), are laying down the gauntlet for you to do something creative with your favourite ‘Dingbat’.
As ever, this is open to anyone and everyone – and EVERYONE can doodle – so even if this isn’t your full-time (pre)occupation just open up dingbats and let your mind run wild.

There are two simple rules:
(1) the final image must include a dingbat and
(2) there must be an element of your own hand (carbon, inky or digital).

The best will be reproduced on a SuperFly set of 1 inch (25mm) button badges (so bear that in mind).
(We may also produce on a special edition tshirts, fit for only the most ‘SuperFly’ people around! ;) )

We’re planning an exhibition of the ‘SuperDoodles’ to coincide with SuperFly’s 1st anniversary in October but more on that in due course.

So, think you’re up for the challenge?
Then head over to our ‘Dingbat Doodle‘ page for info on the ‘legal’, artwork specs and how to submit all your wonderful doodles. Tartan Baffies and SuperGuy have both come up with there own dingbat doodles to give you the general idea but we’re sure that you can do sooo much better…

Submission due date
Get your SuperDoodles to us no later than Thursday 30th September – 4 weeks from today!

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Street Advertising Services

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Hidden Lane Festival – #1

So, as you can see from previous posts SuperFly was at the Hidden Lane Festival in Finneston, Glasgow on Saturday.

We had a rare time.. the weather got better and better as the day went on and at no point did you feel that the day took a dip. Considering I spoke to half a dozen people on my way to the lane (asking for directions) who had never heard of ‘Hidden Lane’ (the irony was NOT lost on me.. (or them… “weil hidden eh?“)), it turned out that there ARE plenty of people who DO know it and what a ‘hidden gem’ it is.

Over 200 people work in the lane divided between more than 70 companies – one of those companies being Vox Populous who pull the festival together. Vox do a great job and if the people I spoke to and the messages on Twitter are any kind of a guide then they’ll be under pressure to repeat this event more than just once a year.

The festival is a kind of ‘open day’ for the lane with lots of those Hidden Lane businesses (and other invited guests) come out with their stalls of goodies and we’ll cover a few of those over the coming days. But in addition to the stalls you also get food, drink, entertainment, live music and poetry and plenty, plenty banter.

The image above is of the ChouChou Courture ( catwalk show which was a centre piece of the day but to be fair their were many highlights and i’ll share a few personal ones here. I’ll also be adding a ‘(Super)Fly on the Wall Mini-doc’ very soon, to show, if nothing else, how good the sun was to us as the day went on. For some reason i’d forgotten to use the camera by then.

Anyway, great times were had – it was a great opportunity to catch up with folk ad meet new buddies – and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that people love sand pits. Obviously the kids were in there but plenty of the big folk had a shot too. So, next year, forget the live art, i’m just putting on a very, very big sandpit!

Thank you’s must go out to the following and many will be expanded on over the following few days Twitters tags and web adddresses where possible.:

Sarah, Des and Graeme from @icecreamarchetecture
Alex from @voxpopulus ( and @hiddenlanefest
Duncan from Make @i_am_duncan (

Check back soon for more Hidden Lane goodies!

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The A-Team Architects

You know those mornings when you get up and think.. ‘i’m gonna draw on the van!’


Well, that’s precisely what happened to the weird folk at ‘icecreamarchitecture’ – and not only that, but they wanted help and, being the sociable kind of superguy that I am, we’re working together and present ‘BongoArt!’

BongoArt is a one time opportunity to draw on a van – legally (we’re all about the legal..) and it’s happening this saturday as part of our Hidden Lane operations (see the poster above).

Anyway, by now, you should know all about SuperFly but you may wondering who these ‘icecream‘ crew are..? Well, my experience so far has been… imagine the A-Team were architects, not soldiers, and made up of 3 Mad Murdoch’s… and you’re nearly there. However, in the interest of balance, here’s what they have to say:

icecreamarchitecture is challenging the perceptions of the traditional architectural practice. We present fresh understanding and a client based design ethos to satisfy our pro-active ‘ice cream van’ attitude to consultation.

Our on street client sourcing approach encourages potential projects that otherwise would have overlooked the need for architectural design, and our education and practical experience affords us the confidence and capability to deliver beyond client expectations.

We sell architecture from the back of a van!”

So, there you are, come along on saturday and find out more… or just have fun in the sand. And if you’d like to take art in the SuperFly Standoff then drop me an email or visit the submissions page :)

A few thank you’s.. firstly to Push Print ( who have donated a whole bunch of flyers, posters (above) and banners for the day – also big thanks to Peter at Glasgow Badges ( who are sorting us each out with shirts so you’ll easily spot the icecreamarchitecture V’s SuperFly crew. You’ll find him helping out on the Hidden Lane Tea Room BBQ as well as selling his ‘freaky badges’ :)

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Hidden Lane Festival, Glasgow

Quick update: The Hidden Lane Festival; is a project run by Vox Populus in Glasgow. The Hidden Lane runs parallel to Argyle Street and is home to many creative businesses. The festival is a great opportunity to see what’s happening and take in the events that have been organised. As part of the proceedings SuperFly is sharing a spot with new buddies ‘Ice Cream Architecture’. No, they don’t make huge icecreams.. well not for a living anyway! No, they are proper architects intent on bringing this often mysterious profession to the masses from the back of a van. Come along and find out more!

So, in addition to the crazy architects and the SuperFly guy there are loads of things happening… the flyer is reproduced here for your convenience and viewing pleasure :D

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Ice Cream Architecture V’s SuperFly

UPDATED: 22/06/10

Ice Cream Architecture V’s SuperFly Present:

Hidden Lane – SuperFly Standoff
Hidden Lane Festival, Saturday 26 June, 2010 – 12noon – 10pm
Some details remain to be confirmed but this is an updated post from the one issued yesterday – plus we can now reveal the event logo above :D
If you are interested in drawing and/or painting live (bring your own media) on to large format canvas (materials to be confirmed) then please get in touch including samples of your work. You need not necessarily have worked in this format before… it’s intended to be a bit of fun and maybe a friendly competition :)
This event will take place live during the Hidden Lane Festival, this coming saturday (26th June, 2010 – 12pm – 11pm) in Glasgow. You can apply as an individual or as a team. The SuperFly event will take place during these times and you will have approx 4 hours to ‘create’! Details will be finalised over the next couple of days.
So, illustrators, designers, painters, street artists, stencilers, photographers (collage) whatever you want to do.
We don’t have a theme as such but we are looking for recycled/reclaimed materials to use as your canvases so it may be an old car bonnet or a set of wardrobe doors. Most likely you’ll have no idea what you’re going to get until Saturday afternoon.
The artwork will remain property of Ice Cream Architecture/SuperFly and will likely be auctioned off – proceeds to a pre-determined charity.
Apply via the submissions page at
All details are subject to change so please check back for updates.
Oh, and please, please, spread the word :)

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DoJ Degree Show 2010

It’s degree show time of year once more and Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee always attracts a lot of attention.

I haven’t been along myself just yet, so this isn’t a review (there’s a link to someone else’s below) but I would urge you to go along at some point this week and search out a few gems for yourself.

DofJ were good enough to send SuperFly some exclusive images of last Thursday’s Industry Preview Catwalk event which opened the show and was attended by Dundee favourite Lorraine Kelly.

During the week SuperFly intend to get along and put together another ‘SuperFly on The Wall’ mini-doc of the show so if you see a ‘geeky’ looking bloke with a ropey video camera please say hello.. or call security.

Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show 2010 is open daily until Sunday 30 May: 10am – 8pm during the week and 10am – 4pm at the weekend.

Visit the official Degree Show site here for directions, Student biographies, Catwalk video and more.

Black Acrylic Degree Show Review 2010

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Introducing: SuperFly On The Wall

‘SuperFly On The Wall’ is an attempt to document (in small chunks) events and activities that would be of interest to the SuperFly community. Don’t get too excited.. this is not an exercise in production values.. this is lo-fi of the highest order… the whole thing was filmed and edited in about 5 hours. (One day i’ll list the kit i’m using, just for a laugh) However, on this shoot I didn’t even use lights or a mic so, we’re winging it.. OK!

So first up is ‘Big Top Jamboree’ from last night.. see the previous blog entry for details of the event, but what I will say in addition to that, is how quickly the place filled up! I arrived at just after 7pm to get some shots of the work before the rush but as you’ll see the place was already packed.  A testament to the feedback from the first event no doubt.

So congrat’s to Lauren, Nikki and Jen for another successful event – I imagine they’ll be feeling it this morning – and here’s to the next ‘Jamboree’.. in whatever form it takes..!

At some point I will appoint some space on the site for ‘SuperFly On The Wall’ to live permanently, so keep your eye out. And so, if you have any ideas for future videos, if you would like your event or simply some work you are involved in included here please get in touch: superguy (at)

(Music ‘The Last Sea Bass’ by The Everybody – check them out at

For more info on Lauren, Nikki and Jen visit the Central Station V’s SuperFly exhibition page here.

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Big Top Jamboree

‘Big Top Jamboree’ – Monday 17 May at Drouthy’s Basement, Perth Road, Dundee.
2 – 5pm Workshops, 7 – 12pm Entertainment and Stalls

A collaborative project by Jen Collins, Nikki McWilliams and Lauren Gentry, who came together in March 2010 to organise the first fantastic event ‘Jumpers & Jamboree’. You may have noticed that Jen, Nikki and Lauren were, coincidentally, contributors to the Central Station V’s SuperFly exhibition in February.

They  “aim to organise fun, unique events to give the creative community of Dundee the opportunity to get together, collaborate & sell their work”.

So, expect to find stalls, workshops, live music and digital projections as the the trio up the ante on their previous show.

SuperFly will be there to record the event as part of the NEW ‘(Super)Fly On The Wall’ Mini-documentaries. Hopefully we’ll catch a few words with the organisers and get the lo-down on future projects.

For more info on the ‘Jamboree’ visit the official blog:

and watch out for them on Twitter:

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Comp results…

Friday’s SuperFly competition (see below) results..

I couldn’t decide on a clear winner so I picked names from a ‘virtual’ hat and @ryanmacg won the tickets and is watching ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ at the DCA as I write! :)

I must offer a special commendation to @eaonp who not only answered via the prefered method of ‘the blog’ but came up with a cracking ‘vintage’ suggestion of bubblegum transfers.. I don’t know if you have to be of a certain age for that to resonate but if they don’t exists now i’m hoping to bring them back. Especially as one of my ‘tags’ (why do I have these?) is Industrial Bubblegum.

Eaon may well have won with that suggestion but he’s in London and DCA tickets (Dundee) would be useless so he’ll get a complementary Bonehead tee as soon as I get some more printed.

I’ll photoshop some of the ideas for my ‘Starter For 6’ homework and post them here by Wednesday. For now, be entertained with the tweeted versions – and comment to your hearts content!

a HUGE bilboard on top of the law so it can be seen for miles :) @katesjewellery

on the legs of the tay rail bridge :) @katesjewellery

I think a nice collection fly posted over the Kydd building @AbertayUni to make a single big one would be cool :) @ryanmacg

Attached to a fly of course! [ I’m not going to link to that video again, I know it was painful for you to watch ;) ] @rickcurran

or a special range from Brewdog with Superfly posters for labels @ryanmacg

Superfly AR, QR codes around Dundee. Point your smartphone at them and get the poster and artist info? @ryanmacg

Blown up to huge scale and stuck on the front of the Caird Hall & City Square buildings! ;> @pandorasinbox

a music video for a local band using visuals from Superfly artists would be cool @ryanmacg

On a space shuttle! @newvibes

lining the Walls of ‘power’ – election special – artists take on proposed policies (where I’d like to see superfly posters) @htothep

How about posters covering the flumes at the Olympia – inside and out! @rubylovesred

find where googlestreetview are -create massive repos -lay on fields -create international gallery/map -forever evidence! :) @gillianeasson

On top of Mikhail Gorbachev’s birthmark? @iamageek

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